My ads - Cockpit

Welcome to your ads - Cockpit! Here you can easily create your ad, view, edit, inspect or publish it. Also addressed to you messages of care-seeking customers can be found here.

If you want to place ads from your account for you known caregivers (which may not be as familiar with the Internet), you can comfortably manage more ads in the advertisement overview under My Advertisements.

Advertisement overview may also like to be used by agencies that want to publish advertisements for carers. According to the Helpforhelp Terms however is expressly prohibited, burdening care seekers with Agency fees of any kind.

   View offers

Here you can view care offers from help-seekers.

Here you can view your ad or more ads in the advertisement overview. With more ads, the first in alphabetical order is displayed in full.

The publication of your ad in 3 steps:
1. Buy credit for publication (currently free!!)
2. Activate ad (Advertisement can be viewed from care seekers)
3. Stop ad (then the credit is not consumed, re-enable is possible at any time)

Here you can make changes to your ad.

Here you can request a inspection by Helpforhelp. An employee of Helpforhelp will contact you to carry out the inspection. The inspection is chargeable, checked carers - with a positive result - will be marked as inspected and therefore preferred in the selection of the customer!

If you want to create a new ad for a caregiver, you can do so here.

All messages of care seekers who want to get in contact with you or with your managed cares, can be found here.